What is an Eminent Domain Proceeding?

This is a process whereby a governmental entity is taking either a portion or all of a private property for public or quasi-public use upon payment of reasonable compensation without consent of the property owner (also known as condemnation).

An Appraiser can assist the property owner in this situation if the property owner feels that he or she is not being fairly compensated.


What is a Foreclosure?

This is an unfortunate situation that has become much more prevalent as of late. Many property owners are losing everything. This creates a situation in which property owners need to react quickly. An appraiser may be able to assist in this matter by establishing true market value versus the windshield appraisal performed by the county. By establishing an accurate value, the property might possibly be sold at a higher value reducing and/or possibly eliminating any judgment.


What Should be Considered with Estate Planning, Liquidation, or Divorce?

These losses can be very traumatic. Unfortunately they can be complicated by difficult decisions regarding the estate. Many do not have professionals to handle these issues. The home in many cases may be the largest asset making the decision process more difficult. The Porter Appraisal Group can help by determining an accurate value, which would allow for equality for all involved and provide answers for estate matters.

What Should You Know When Buying or Selling?

This is probably one of the biggest decisions we will make in our life, as it is most often the largest asset we will deal with. The primary question that comes to mind is how much should we sell it for? Or how much should we pay for it? Should we remodel or not? An appraiser can help homeowners make the best decisions.