Why Appraise?  


Why do you need an appraisal?

Annually, millions of property owners buy, sell, or refinance their home which most often includes an appraisal; particularly if a federally related transaction occurs ?i.e. bank, mortgage company, credit union, etc. This is not the only reason to have an appraisal. Property tax appeals are an issue. There are different perspectives of value and quite often the property tax assessor is at the high end, particularly in our generally declining market. Most property owners go into the appeal process unarmed. They might have access to some data off the internet but no real basis for defending value. Did you know that only about 1% of the population in our area appeals their real estate taxes.


Why should you consider a tax appeal on your real estate?

- We live in a declining market with property values dropping dramatically in some areas.
- You may be missing considerable savings that you are entitled to.


What is the process?

You may make the appeal, or we can help you in that process. We can do the appraisal and we certainly have the expertise. We have extensive know-how having represented single family home owners, apartment owners, investors in strip centers, stand alone retail, industrial buildings, institution facilities, and the like.